2020.1.18 Saturday
Just as air,water and sunshine are necessary to live. CATV has become an essential part of life that no one can live without.Since it was established in 1992.SOUTHKING Technology,have made every effort to provide the best services so that our customers can enjoy culture more comfortably and rapidly in their daily life.

At the moment,the world is evolving into a ubiquitous environment beyond the Internet,and technology is developing much faster than we imagine.However,we,SOUTHKING Technology,think that the value of customers has priority over technology,and our directors,executives and employees are listening to the voices of customers who are ready for culture in a new life but want to maintain their values.

In addition,SOUTHKING Technology desires to grow as a company that creatively satisfies the needs of customers by being partnes that win your confidence,provides new culture in life through CATV,devotes themselves to the community and that allows directors,executives and employees to realize their own dreams under our human and technology-focused management philosophy.To do this,we will secure world-class core technologies and understand the changes that the market and customers play in a global company with the core competence of market knowledge that leads customers and continues to pursue innovation and changes.

We appreciate all our customers for their encouragement and their interest. We hope you will give SOUTHKING Technology your loyalty and be interested in ever-changing SOUTHKING Technology in the future.

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